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- Mi Sung Kim
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Natural cosmetics company professional

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Biometics is an natural cosmetics company professional in development and researches; we employ cosmesceutical principle of using 100% natural materials on the basis of a tree shrub extract as propolis substitute.

As a result of meticulous observational study on propolis producement by honeybees for 7 years, we have finally developed a tree shrub extract as propolis substitute; in association with researchers led by Dr. Dong Uk Kim from Medicinal Engineering Department of Inje University, we developed and finally released a broad spectrum of products with high efficacy and suitability for all skin types.

Our products for skin ailments (atopy and acne) had been tested and approved by the Medium Business Administration and even further been developed with their fully funded support; products for whitening, anti aging, and sterilizing or deodorizing had been developed and released with the support fund of Bio21 Center.
All products are proved non toxic officially and obtained certification for efficacies from public certificate authorities, thus have been ensured the efficiency and reliability for usage.
For instance, 100% natural sterilizing deodorant is the world's first 100% non toxic vegetable product with multiple functions of strong sterilization and deodorization.
In terms of healthy living, the product contributes to disease control and sanitary through preempting the invasion of germs.
We also promise to further develop disinfectants harmless to plants and vegetation. We would like to express heartfelt gratitude for supports to Dr. Dong Uk Kim and research crews, the Medium Business Administration, and Bio21 Center.
Biometics promises to relentlessly research and endeavor for users' beautiful and lively skin and pleasant life. With honest management and advanced technology, we look forward to jumping up to be a trusting and leading company in the world.

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